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What Happened When Right Men Touched Another Dick For The First Time

Article Movie Director, HuffPost Individual

What will happen whenever men which recognize as direct are provided the opportunity to contact another people’s knob for the first time? YouTube performers Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers, aka Bria&Chrissy, planned to find out, so that they recruited multiple fortunate heterosexual gentlemen to possess an up near and personal experience with Alex, a man “whom happens to have actually a penis.”

The videos will be the newest in a set from the self-described “singing duo/lesbian couple” with also brought united states clips like “Lesbians Touch a manhood For The First Time” and “Gay boys Touch genitals For The First Time.”

To learn most about the inspiration for this video, as well as what Bria&Chrissy want viewers to take away from this experience and what they’d say to someone who thinks the clip is silly or frivolous, we chatted with the duo earlier this week.

The Huffington Post: in which performed the concept the video come from?

Bria&Chrissy: following success of the very first two video of the show, it stimulated united states to keep to force the envelope. The responses have diverse from videos to movie, and many for the commentary program the severely varying approaches we evaluate gents and ladies since it relates to sexuality. And they’re pretty enjoyable to look at!

Exactly how difficult was it to acquire straight-identified males that would accept to be in the video clip? Where did you locate them?It had been problematic discover direct men who have been comfortable participating. We inquired about 40 guys, friends, associates — Craigslist! We expected folks. We’d expected four people in the video clip but only discover three which were happy to take part.

Exactly what declaration have you been trying to make how our society views different parts of the body, masculinity and sexuality?The statement originates from the result of the watchers. The very first movie where lesbians touch a penis was chuckled at. It actually was amusing and adorable so there got a fun attraction that got to feel investigated. When we have homosexual males touch a vagina, your ex is ridiculed as a slut in reviews and many some other responses were sexual in general. There seemed to be no difference in these video clips apart from there is a gender reverse. This brand new videos will absolutely garner numerous responses.

What do you say to people that state this video — also films inside series — were foolish, frivolous or unimportant?Of program it’s absurd! They’re extremely silly and amusing video clips. There’s a fantastic amount of purity in their mind, and that’s great. But frivolous and unimportant, thereon we need to disagree. This show keeps was able to reveal big disparities amongst the means we heal people features furthermore illustrated numerous myths we all have on a variety of problem, from genitalia to gender functions to sexual direction. They truly are another section of a bigger dialogue pertaining to gender and sexuality. There’s a significantly bigger picture here. These clips include enjoyable, and silly, and it isn’t the easiest way to coach — to introduce a notion, produce different advice and inspire a dialogue?

One of these straight-identifying boys mentioned that their face reveal had to be blurry on or the guy could drop his job for being into the videos.

Exactly what do you believe this states about all of our lifestyle as well as its way of sex and masculinity?There are a lot of personal pressures on right males to avoid performing in a way that might be considered “gay” and this could mark all of them this way for lifetime, plus it’s a rather sincere worry. There’s a very extreme must manage one’s masculinity, openly and independently. This guy would-be fired for participating being identified inside video clip since the picture they delivers about him is just too questionable. That’s crazy! Nonetheless it enforces this notion that such a thing not in the male standard simply poor. There should be no embarrassment in attraction, studies, being yourself. Anytime you’re right, therefore touching a penis, just what exactly? Should you decide contact a penis therefore adore it? Again, so what? The fear community encourages by proclaiming that guys need to have a perfectly unmarred heterosexually-masculine image prevents folks from also starting to understand besides all of our distinctions, but the majority of of our own similarities.

Precisely what do you wish that folks eliminate with this video?We hope they simply take a moment to look at and tune in and remember how it means they are think. Unpleasant? Offended? Performed they feel it actually was entertaining or useless? Exactly Why? We want individuals see all of them and laugh and determine affairs from another perspective, but as a series, develop it challenges the collective point of view on the audiences about sex and sexuality and means they are ask by themselves exactly what genuinely may be the distinction between these movies?

To get more from Bria&Chrissy, head right here.

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